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our brief

The University of Brighton asked us to transform many of their social and eating areas, so we got to work –  creating a new, vibrant and contemporary look for each site. We tailored our designs to suit each location, keeping it fresh and engaging overall.

common room & hub food court

A contemporary re-design of interior graphics, to reflect the vibrance and youth culture of the students and the town itself.

Giving personality to a lacklustre space, we created a rustic, industrial, imaginative identity which complemented the overall Mithras building.

The University’s very own retro-style deli brand. Students love affordable food they can hold. Introducing them to a new, affordable hand-held food brand via wayfinding signage and marketing collateral, we have given the University’s students another on-trend food concept.

By immersing ourselves, and understanding the workings of the University’s sports campus, we transformed an uninspiring canteen into a social space where students and the public can eat, interact and socialise. Our design was based around a feeling of freshness, well-being and movement.

Based in Eastbourne, with a medical student base – we created a coastal feel, combined with a theme of well-being.

Inspired by the existing industrial features, we created an urban feel for this space which would appeal to 18 – 24 year old students. The feedback we have received since mobilising this site has been incredibly positive.

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